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Nasze standardy

Our standards

The motto of our Law Firm is a creative approach to the tasks entrusted to us - we combine our involvement in the projects we carry out with an understanding of our Clients' businesses, their economic environment and priorities.
Owing to that, legal services provided by our law firm are an element of competitive advantage for our Clients - successfully used in their daily operations.


INTESA provides practical and clear solutions to legal problems.

We work in Polish, English and Spanish.

Our story

The Law Firm INTESA Małkowski Wojdak and Partners Attorneys-at-law with registered seat in Gdansk, was established in 2009. Previously, the Partners of the INTESA Law Firm Marek Małkowski and Paweł Wojdak worked for several years with leading law firms in Poland.  The Founder of the INTESA Law Firm Marek Małkowski, until 2009 was a partner and a board member of law firm located in Tri-City, with several dozen lawyers, where he was responsible for practice of corporate law, securities law, capital market investments as well as leading processes of merging, dividing and transforming companies. Services in the field of mergers and acquisitions have become the showcase and driving force of the activities carried out by the INTESA Law Firm. ​

Our experience and practices

The INTESA Law Firm specializes in comprehensive and permanent services for business entities, with particular emphasis on companies with foreign capital operating on an international scale.

  • Our specialty is constant professional service for business entities, as well as cooperation in the implementation of specific economic projects, especially in the field of ownership transformations and investment processes.

  • We offer modern and proven legal solutions tailored to the essence of the business and individual needs of our clients. We carry out the tasks entrusted to us with full commitment, on time and professionally. Our standards.

Our customers

INTESA advises on the basis of permanent cooperation over one hundred economic entities with Polish and foreign capital, including companies of major European and global capital groups from France, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia and the USA. We work for the largest Polish capital companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, as well as support start-ups and entrepreneurs who are just building their value - with equal attention, supporting clients in all matters entrusted to us.

Our team

The strength of INTESA Law Firm is its dynamic and stable team, which combines the highest quality of service with extensive knowledge and experience. The team of the INTESA Law Firm currently comprises a dozen or so attorneys-at-law who are assisted in the provision of legal services by attorneys-at-law trainees and other members of the legal team.

Principles of cooperation

The Law Firm INTESA offers its Clients permanent cooperation based on a contract for legal advisory services on a flat-rate or hourly basis. In the latter case, remuneration is settled on the basis of a monthly specification of work performed.

At the same time, in the case of individual orders or handling specific projects or economic processes, it is possible to separately establish the principles of remuneration on a flat-rate basis, possibly combined with a commission for achieving a specific result (so-called "success fee").


External cooperation

As a part of our work, we provide cooperation with economic advisors, auditors, tax advisors, patent attorneys and notaries. In cooperation with such external specialists we implemented many complicated economical projects. Thanks to cooperation with advisors in the field of European founds, we also can cooperate and help our Clients to obtain such funds for their investments.

Growing ties with Scandinavian countries led the INTESA Law Firm to join the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce in 2017.


We are also a Business Partner of the University of Administration and Business in Gdynia. Since 2021, as part of cooperation with the university, we have been implementing the MECENAS - Legal Internship Program. 

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