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02. Corporations

Corporate law

As part of corporate law services, we offer, among others drafting and amending acts of commercial companies, statutes, organizational regulations, regulations of bodies, work and remuneration regulations, regulations of company social benefits funds, regulations of the company rehabilitation fund or partnerships, conducting capital restructuring of enterprises, conducting "due diligence" studies.


The Intesa Law Firm offers legal services from the moment of commencement of operations (organizational activities and registration), during current commercial activities, as well as in the course of building capital of companies, as well as organizational transformations (merger, division, change of legal form), or the rehabilitation or termination of their activities (liquidation, reorganization or bankruptcy proceedings).


We are responsible for the day-to-day legal services for over a hundred actively operating companies. In the course of its activities so far, our Intesa Law Firm or its partners had the pleasure to provide services to entities from various industries, both market leaders and entities that are just aspiring to high positions.


Our clients include companies operating on the following markets:



We work with a team of tax and investment advisors, and the solutions we develop effectively protect Your interests.

  • the market of construction products and services (producers and distributors of construction materials,

  • entities providing construction services
    and related to construction,

  • design and construction services for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, specialised laboratories and research units, wastewater treatment plants and environmental protection), 

  • design services in industrial construction
    and individual,

  • the market of consulting services and economic advisory services (entities providing HR services, Internet services, financial services and economic consulting),

  • ​the market of consulting services and economic advisory services (entities providing HR services, Internet services, financial services and economic consulting),

  • services related to the shipbuilding and offshore industry,

  • film, cinema and advertising services,

  • energy sector (enterprises operating in the field of production
    and distribution of electricity, fuels, renewable energy, including wind energy),

  • medical services,

  • agricultural producers, producers of fruit and vegetables,

  • banking and property insurance sector.

Intesa Law Firm team's experience in the area of corporate law includes, among others:

  • legal advice on the registration and liquidation of commercial law companies (general partnerships, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited joint-stock partnerships, joint-stock companies),

  • legal advice in the development of organizational regulations of companies, regulations of company bodies, regulations of work, regulations of remuneration, regulations of work, regulations of the company's social benefits fund,













  • legal advice on registration of employers' associations, brokerage houses, closed-end investment funds, amendments to bank statutes.

  • legal advice in handling:

    • sheltered employment establishments,

    • hospitals,

    • associations and foundations,

    • branches of foreign entrepreneurs,

    • housing communities,

    • temporary employment agency,

    • entities operating in special economic zones,

    • restructured entities,

    • state and municipal entities,

    • entrepreneurs under the supervision of tax authorities,


    • shopping centers,​

    • universities,

    • entities from the defense industry supervised by the Ministry of Interior and Administration,

    • entities from the energy sector,

    • entities from the people and property security sector,

    • entities belonging to international capital groups and ensuring compliance
      with procedures of international standards,

 12 years of Practical Experience

Principles of cooperation

The Law Firm Intesa offers its Clients permanent cooperation based on a contract for legal advisory services on a flat-rate or hourly basis. In the latter case, remuneration is settled on the basis of a monthly specification of work performed.

At the same time, in the case of individual orders or handling specific projects or economic processes, it is possible to separately establish the principles of remuneration on a flat-rate basis, possibly combined with a commission for achieving a specific result (so-called "success fee").

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