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Our practises

01. Contracts

We create and negotiate commercial contracts

Our Intesa Law Firm has extensive experience in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts. Our lawyers have advised on a number of complex transactions.


We offer services in the field of preparing and conducting transactions related to the sale of shares and stocks. We were responsible for carrying out many "due diligence" processes, in negotiating dozens of investment agreements and preparing hundreds of complex commercial agreements. Our lawyers regularly participate in negotiations and assess the risk of commercial contracts concluded by clients on an ongoing basis, preparing  general terms and conditions of contracts and by assessing the developed patterns in the light of, inter alia, competition and consumer protection law.

Intesa Law Firm team's experience in the area of contracts includes, among others:

  • creating and negotiating investment agreements,

  • creating commercial contracts for entrepreneurs, in particular in the field of construction products and services, construction works in commercial and network investments, design services in industrial and individual construction, consulting and economic advisory services, services related to the shipbuilding industry, film, cinema and advertising services, services from the energy sector and the wastewater treatment sector and environmental protection, medical, agricultural, banking and insurance services,

  • creating and negotiating contracts as part of nationwide advertising campaigns, including negotiating contracts for the production of advertising films,

  • creating and negotiating contracts and regulations for services provided electronically, as well as contracts from the IT sector,

  • creating and negotiating contracts for the purchase of technology and implementation of CRM systems,

  • preparation of documentation as part of public procurement,

  • creating and negotiating contracts for the purchase of production lines and technological devices,

  • creating documents of general terms and conditions of contracts, including entrepreneurs from the SME area, as well as for large entrepreneurs,

  • creating transfer pricing documentation contracts.

 12 years of Practical Experience

Principles of cooperation

The Law Firm Intesa offers its Clients permanent cooperation based on a contract for legal advisory services on a flat-rate or hourly basis. In the latter case, remuneration is settled on the basis of a monthly specification of work performed.

At the same time, in the case of individual orders or handling specific projects or economic processes, it is possible to separately establish the principles of remuneration on a flat-rate basis, possibly combined with a commission for achieving a specific result (so-called "success fee").

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