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Oskar Rolewicz

Attorney-at-law Trainee


  • Oskar Rolewicz is a graduate of Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk.

  • During his studies and graduation, he gained professional experience in legal counsel, barrister and notary offices with various specialties, as well as in judicial authorities.

  • Currently, he is improving professionally by completing his legal adviser apprenticeship (3rd year). In 2022, he will take the vocational exam.


Areas of specialization

Oskar Rolewicz specializes in economic law, administrative law, civil law and procedure, in particular inheritance and bankruptcy law.


As part of his work at the INTESA Law Firm, he is responsible for drafting pre-trial and procedural letters, as well as preparing opinions and legal information, as well as giving opinions and preparing draft commercial contracts. He also helps in the day-to-day legal services for business entities, supporting the Law Firm, inter alia, in debt collection activities and in court proceedings, including appearing in court.



Oskar Rolewicz gained professional experience as an assistant in various law firms during his legal studies. Since graduating in 2018, he has been associated with the INTESA Law Firm, where he gains experience and legal knowledge directly related to the provision of legal assistance.



Oskar Rolewicz speaks English.



Tel .: +48 502 470 000

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