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  • Marek Małkowski graduated in law from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk; judge exam: 1999; qualifications of a legal advisor: 2001,  Entered on the list of advocates: 2009.

  • In 1999, he also graduated from psychology at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Gdańsk.

  • He graduated from postgraduate accounting studies at the University of Gdańsk in 2002.


Areas of specialization

Marek Małkowski specializes in company law, securities law, capital market investments, merger, division and transformation processes, including those related to commercial, civil, tax, administrative and public law.


In addition to preparing information and legal expertise, preparing and reviewing contracts and any other legal documentation, Marek Markowski deals with conducting legal due diligence, participating in negotiations and discussions, representing before administrative authorities and third parties. In addition, it provides comprehensive support for specific projects and economic processes.

Thanks to frequent cooperation with economic and financial advisors, tax advisors and statutory auditors, Marek Małkowski has knowledge that goes beyond strictly legal aspects. This allows him to penetrate deeply into the business aspects of the industry and thus help clients more effectively.



Marek Małkowski has been running his professional activity uninterruptedly since 1997 - first as an assistant and trainee, then as a partner and board member of a law firm of several dozen. Currently, he is the owner of his own law firm and the managing partner of a partner company.

During his professional life, Marek Małkowski:


  • He was responsible as an expert certifying consulting services under the Sectoral Operational Program "Increase of the Competitiveness of Enterprises, Measure 2.1. Increasing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises through consultancy" (under the accreditation granted by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, which authorized to provide consulting services in three areas specialization, i.e. running enterprises in the territory of the European Union, mergers of enterprises in the territory of the European Union, mergers of enterprises and obtaining external financing for the development of economic activity),

  • He was the person directly responsible for being the Authorized Adviser in the Alternative Trading System on the New Connect market on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.



Email: marek.malkowski @  

Tel .: +48 502 470 000

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