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Karolina Jeziorska



  • Karolina Jeziorska is a graduate of Law at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk. During her studies and after graduation, she gained professional experience in judicial authorities and in a state legal entity.


Areas of specialization

Karolina Jeziorska specializes in issues related to civil law and procedure, commercial law and economic law, as well as issues related to labor law and administrative law.


As part of her work at the INTESA Law Firm, she is responsible for drafting pre-trial and procedural letters, as well as drafting legal opinions as well as reviewing and preparing draft commercial contracts. She also helps in the day-to-day legal services for business entities, supporting the Law Firm, inter alia, in activities aimed at registering business entities in the relevant registers and changing these data.



  • Karolina Jeziorska has been gaining professional experience by working since 2018 in a paying agency accredited by the Government of the Republic of Poland, dealing with the implementation of instruments co-financed from the European Union budget and providing financial aid from national funds.

  • Since 2019, she has been associated with the INTESA Law Firm, where she gains experience and legal knowledge directly related to the provision of legal assistance. ​


Karolina Jeziorska speaks English.



Tel .: +48 502 470 000

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