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Our practises

03. Mergers and acquisitions

Merger, division, liquidation of companies

Our Intesa Law Firm specialises in carrying out transformation processes, divisions and mergers of commercial law companies, as well as the transfer of enterprises of economic entities. The Intesa Law Firm's partners had the pleasure to represent clients from various industries in connection with a number of reorganization, restructuring and consolidation processes of already operating enterprises, including the largest entities operating in Pomerania and Poland - entities from energy groups, entities from the banking sector and companies building motorways.


The Intesa Law Firm also deals with the implementation of smaller projects regarding the transformation and merger of business entities in order to ensure the continuity of management and stability of inheritance in family businesses. We have extensive experience in legal advice on the implementation of changes in the form of business activities of individual entrepreneurs and their transformation into commercial companies. We have also implemented restructuring projects for indebted entities under the new restructuring law. As part of investment projects, we cooperate with financial advisors, statutory auditors and tax advisers, developing the optimal restructuring path.


In the course of the activities carried out, the assumed results were always achieved, both in terms of ensuring full succession of the transformed entity (including succession of certificates, permits and approvals enabling business operations), and the minimization of legal and tax risks of the process.

Intesa Law Firm team's experience in the area of mergers and acquisitions includes, among others:

  • legal advice in the process of acquiring a strategic investor in the energy market - contract negotiations and obtaining approval from the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection,

  • legal advice in the investment process in the Tomaszów subzone of the Łódź Special Economic Zone - purchase of production machines, real estate, capital merger and tax optimization,

  • legal advice in the restructuring of the capital group, consolidation of 20 commercial companies,

  • legal advice in the process of transforming an entrepreneur running an individual business into a capital company along with the transfer of permits and concessions from the Ministry of Interior and Administration in the field of trading in explosives,

  • legal advice in the process of capital consolidation of a group of entities providing services in this segment of plant protection - the aspect of purchasing shares, contributing an organized part of an enterprise, issuing bonds, redemption of shares and merger of five companies,

  • legal advice in the project of purchase of an organized part of the enterprise of superstructure of liquid fuel reloading stations,

  • legal advice in the consolidation process - the takeover of the company from the cleaning waste management market by the leader  operator on the world market,

  • legal advice in the process of restructuring a group of agricultural producers, including making an in-kind contribution of an enterprise and preparation of documentation regarding the opening of rehabilitation proceedings,

  • legal advice in the process of transforming a capital company from the meat processing industry along with the transfer of permits for business activities,

  • legal advice in the process of transforming a limited liability company running a shopping center into a joint stock company,

  • legal advice in the process of taking up shares and capital investment as a financial investor in a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange operating in the production and sale of seafood and fish,

  • legal advice in the processes of merging entities from the banking sector,

  • handling the process and negotiating an investment agreement for the distribution and processing industry of stainless steel and aluminum.

 12 years of Practical Experience

Principles of cooperation

The Law Firm Intesa offers its Clients permanent cooperation based on a contract for legal advisory services on a flat-rate or hourly basis. In the latter case, remuneration is settled on the basis of a monthly specification of work performed.

At the same time, in the case of individual orders or handling specific projects or economic processes, it is possible to separately establish the principles of remuneration on a flat-rate basis, possibly combined with a commission for achieving a specific result (so-called "success fee").

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