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Filipina Narkiewicz - Kurek



  • Filipina Narkiewicz-Kurek graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk in 2007. During her studies, in the years 2006-2007, she was a member of the Student University Legal Clinic. In 2011, she passed the legal adviser exam and was entered on the list of legal advisers, becoming a member of the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Gdańsk.

  • She also completed postgraduate studies in accounting and finance at the University of Gdańsk.


Areas of specialization

She specializes in issues related to civil law, commercial law, civil procedure and labor law.


At the INTESA Law Firm, he deals with comprehensive legal services for business entities, from registration proceedings (KRS) to the preparation of analyzes and legal opinions related to their current operations, participates in investment and restructuring processes of commercial law companies (mergers, acquisitions, divisions, transformations of companies, sale of / acquisition of shares, sale of an enterprise), deals with drafting and giving opinions on civil law contracts, general terms and conditions of contracts, and takes part in trade negotiations, draws up and gives opinions on founding acts of business entities, foundations and other organizations and unions, prepares various regulations (organizational, labor, remuneration, corporate bodies, competition regulations and others), and also conducts due diligence. He also represents the law firm's clients in court proceedings.


Filipina Narkiewicz-Kurek has been cooperating with the INTESA Law Firm since 2009. During this long-term cooperation, she gained extensive professional experience. She participated in many complex restructuring processes, transformations and mergers of commercial companies. She carried out the processes of division of companies, including for Pomeranian energy companies. During her work at the Law Firm, she was involved, inter alia, in a large investment process related to the energy sector, she has repeatedly participated in organizing general meetings of a public company with the participation of the State Treasury.




Tel .: +48 502 470 000

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