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Introducing our law firm

Intesa Law Firm. Experts in civil, 
commercial and business law.

Intesa stands for consensus. 

Our headquarters is located in Gdansk, but we offer our legal services both to local business entities and international corporations based in the Tri-City and throughout Poland


Open communication with our Clients, our full and personal commitment to solving their legal problems are not empty platitudes – it is our philosophy.


We think that this is what makes the real difference between us and our competitors in the Tri-City area and Poland.


Our Intesa Law Firm team also wants our Clients to feel comfortable at every step in our mutual business relations. This includes a consideration of the appropriate and honest fees for our legal advice services.

We would like to thank our existing Clients for their trust.


Future Clients are welcome to contact us.

If you have any legal questions we are here to help you.

So do not hesitate to contact us.

Our practises

01 .


We have extensive experience in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts. Our lawyers have successfully advised on a number of complex transactions.

02 .


Currently, we are responsible for the day-to-day legal services for over one hundred companies in many industries - both market leaders and entities that are just on this path.

03 .

Mergers and acquisitions

We achieve the assumed results in conducting transformation processes, divisions and mergers of commercial companies from various industries.

04 .

Investment processes
and real estate law

We advise on investment processes - we have extensive experience in both large investments (including production plants, shopping centers, highways) and smaller real estate (houses, premises).

05 .

Public law

We advise on public procurement law. We represent entrepreneurs in proceedings before local government authorities and tax authorities at every instance level.

06 .


The lawyers of the Law Firm Intesa represent Clients in court disputes related to with business activity at every instance level. We are currently conducting several hundred court and court-administrative cases.


You cannot be a model lawyer

if you are not a decent human being.

Antoine-Gaspard Boucher d'Argis (1708-1791)



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